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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> hit the curb, bounces, clips the front end and plows right into both of them. boom. >> a stunned witness could not believe what she was seeing as several people were seriously hurt near a school this morning. good afternoon, three pedestrians were hit by an out of control sufficient outside an elementary school this morning. a parent, crossing guard, and her child were all injured. we have new details on the story that was breaking news
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during mornings on 2. ktvu reporter alex savage is at the scene near turner elementary with the chain of events that triggered this tragedy, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. this was an out of control suv that rolled up on to the curb, slamming into the those three people this morning. a parent, a child, and the school crossing guard. a bit of good news though, a few minutes ago, i talked with a representative for the private company this crossing guard works for, the woman is in stable condition now at the hospital. amazing when you consider the fact she was actually pinned between the sufficient and the garage of this house -- suv and the garage of this house. an audi plowed into them while they were stand thong street corner. loretta, a mother was walking home after dropping her daughter off at school. >> he hit them head on. boom. hit them. they went flying through the air. and i was five paces away. five more seconds it would have
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been me. >> reporter: school crossing guard and another woman were both air lifted to the hospital. the crossing gourds 11-year-old son was also hit, but police say his injuries were less severe. >> he was on his stomach crying saying i want my mommy, i want my mommy, horrible. >> reporter: ant crock police say this suv was driving erratically after 8:00 this morning. witnesses say the driver was speeding, ran this red light, and hit another car. police say the driver and passenger actually got out and ran off after the crash. but one man who claimed to be the driver eventually returned to the scene. although police aren't sure about his story. >> it's suspicious that the point. >> why? >> we have two people that fled, one has an outstanding warrant that didn't return, and the other gentleman did, he may be taking the fall for the other guy. >> reporter: the brother-in-law of the injured crossing guard showed up as the crash scene this morning hoping to find out more about her condition. james birden told us he was amazed at the damage done to
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this suv. >> oh man, pretty rough. i looked down, saw that truck, i know because i passed over here quite a few times you know. >> reporter: investigators say the man claiming to be the driver likely was under the influence and has been taken into custody. meantime police are still trying to track down the second person in the car, the man with the warrant for his arrest. the district superintendent told me this morning that students here at turner elementary school will get counseling if they need it after this morning's crash. parent says that woman is a very popular crossing guard who was always warning kids about the dangers of this busy street. live in ant yock, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. gasoline prices in california continue to climb hitting another record high today. triple a figures show the average increased to 4.67. that is the highest ever recorded in california. a look at the prices around the
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bay area show regular unleaded averaging 4.68. san francisco is 4.74. there is hope that relief on the way. the state approved the early release of winter blend fuel in an effort to help pump up california's gas supply and bring down prices. in election news, voters are going to be polls around the bay area to cast early ballots in the upcoming election. early voting opened today in several counties around the state. this was the sustain morning in san francisco. beginning today, voters can also vote by mail. signed vote by mail applications must be submitted to the department of elections no later than october 30th. if you have not registered to vote, the deadline to do that is october 22nd. president obama is right now flying to his next stop after a 24 hour fund raising trip to the bay area. he board air force one just a few hours ago at sfo. mr. obama faces new poll
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numbers today that shows that mitt romney now taking the lead. ally has a report on the president's time in san francisco. >> reporter: people lined up along the barricades on fifth and howard in san francisco to wave at the presidential motorcade. deb considers herself a mitt romney supporter but still wanted to catch a glimpse of the president. >> i'm excited that he is here. i tuned in to some of the reports last night, and it was very interesting. and just happy to be a part of this. >> reporter: this was president obama's@visit to the bay area. his focus was fund raising. >> it's good for him. he needs to raise money. >> i think it's a good piece of support for him. i think he should visit us often. >> reporter: yesterday 6,000 people lined up to hear the president speak, paying two to $7,500 a ticket. after what most analysts say was a lackluster debate performance last week, mr. obama sharpened his criticism calling governor romney's tax
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plan a relapse to the past. >> it's to let wall street run wild again, but he's going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> reporter: some supporters were surprised by forgiving of the president's debate performance. >> it shows he's human. he's like a regular person. >> i'm really rooting for him and hoping he can pull out some good arguments in his next debate and we'll see his poll numbers jump back up. >> reporter: the president told them to maintain enthusiasm. they need to be obsessive to help him get reelected. he's now on his way to ohio. he is scheduled to address a crowd of supporters at ohio state university later today. in san francisco, ally, ktvu channel 2 news. mitt romney is also headed to ohio later dead, but made a stop in iowa beforehand. he wasted no time responding to the president's latest ad that
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pits romney against sesame street's big bird. >> these are tough times with real serious issues, so you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week spends the last week talking about big bird. >> romney spoke before a community of farmers that big bird made an appearance in the skies overhead. it's the result of romney saying that he'll cut funds for public television. former president bill clinton is at uc davis right now to endorse four northern california democrats. it's an event in support of congressman john of wall nut creek and jerry of stockton. also getting clinton's endorsement state, the medical doctor and nasa astronaut jose hernandez from the central valley. a decision is due by the san francisco supervisors this afternoon. they are meeting in less than two hours to determine the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. prosecutors are depart at city
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hall. cher have i there to let us know what's at stake, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, the protesters here are actually the supporters, they showed up about a half hour ago. they've been doing chants on and off. they're here on the front steps of city hall. one person told us she was a person of domestic violence, she didn't feel it was considered abuse. now the board of supervisors meets at 2:00 this afternoon. and the last time mirkarimi and his wife lopez came here was back in august when the ethics commission came out with its recommendation that mirkarimi may be ousted from office. lopez has been living with venezuela for the past few months now. in march, the mayor suspended him without pay after he pled guilty to false imprisonment charge. all stemmed from a new year's eve argument with lopez who suffered a bruised arm. now antidepiction advocates says that mirkarimi should not be allowed to oversea the regist, it's simply a conflict
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of interest. supporters say this process has been unfair totem battled sheriff. >> the people of san francisco want want ross mirkarimi. if they don't, let's have a recall. let's not get him out, he's first, who's next? >> reporter: do you feel this was politically motivated? >> 100% politically motivated. >> reporter: we are hoping for an outcome today, it is possible the board could subpoena witnesses, this could drag the process out. it will take nine of the 11 to remove mirkarimi from office and this is an election year. there is a certain amount of pressure to get it right. now we will be at the meeting later this afternoon, and david stevenson will have the highlights at 5:00. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you. oakland city officials estimate damage of vandalism at $12,000. work crews cleaned paint from buildings and replacing
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shattered windows. the open tribune and city hall. the damage came after about 200 people marched downtown on sunday to protest the 11th 11th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. no arrests have been made. this statement today was a masterpiece of denial and self- delusion. >> former penn state assistant coach and convicted child abuser, jerry sandusky, ahead you'll hear his sentence handed down today. there was at least some talk of a rain possibility for the bay area. rose mary's up in minutes to tell you if that is still the case. and why north bay authorities are right now keeping a close eye on some explosive material. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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right now hazard materials experts are at the napa county fairgrounds to detonate what they call highly explosive material. these are live pictures from news chop 2. a case of ether of discovered yesterday at the fairgrounds. and sheriff's officials say the substance had been the record possibly since the 1950 rs as part of a mobile medical surgical unit.
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they decided to detonate after determining it was too dangerous to transport anywhere else. brief evacuate evacuations are expected for several home in the area. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will spend at least 30 years in prison for his child abuse conviction. his attorneys are preparing an appeal as sandusky continues to proclaim his innocence. david lee miller reports on the emotional statements made before and during today's hearing. >> reporter: the pennsylvania judge sentencing southbound dusky to a minimum of 30 years in prison after being convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse. >> i believe the sentence the court imposed today was a wise and proper one. it reflected the seriousness of the defendant's crimes. the cause and need to remove him from society. >> reporter: before being sentence, he was classed if i as a sexual violent red they are. he made a statement asserting his innocence again. >> jerry never flinched from his position that he was
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innocent and that he wanted the opportunity to prove his innocence and that he would not entertain any plea offer. and that's from 2008, 2009 was the first accusations by accuser number one. >> reporter: a number of the victims spoke at the sentencing describing how the experience has changed their lives forever. sandusky was convicted in june of abusing ten boys over a period of 15 years. some of the attacks occurred inside penn state's athletic facilities. sandusky asserted his innocence last night in a jailhouse interview played over penn state radio. in the monologue, he said he knows in his heart he has did not do what he called this alleged disgusting acts and described himself penn state, media, and others. sandusky ladies and gentlemen his conviction on speculation and stories. in ten days time, he will be taken to the camp hill state program for testing and evaluation. once there, the department of corrections will decide where he will spend the remainder of
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his sentence. in pennsylvania, david lee miller, fox news. police continue to search for answers after two people were found shot to death inside a car in west oakland. it happened near 12th and silver streets just before 10:00 last night. police received several reports of gunshots in the area and witnesses reported seeing someone drive up to the car and open fire. they say the victim's car traveled another block before coming to a stop. so far, no arrests have been made. family, friends, and students gathered for an emotional evening to remember the life of a hercules woman found dead on friday night. the candle light vigil was held for suze coe where neighbors found her stabbed and beaten to death. the cul-de-sac was filled with 200 people carrying candles expressing their live for her and her family. police are asking the public to help find the car that was stolen from her home.
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it's a sky blue 2011subaru outback with idaho plates. the fbi has also joined the investigation in an effort to find coe's killer. oakland could increase the number of red light cameras on city streets. there are 13 cameras in oakland right now. and today, the city council public safety committee will consider approving a $2 million contract that could mean the city has 30 of those cameras. other cities though including emeryville and san carlos are doing the opposite. they are ending their use of these cameras saying revenue from them does not cover operating costs. new help is coming to oakland residents in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. the city announced plans this morning for a new pram aimed at preventing foreclosures. the comprehensive foreclosure prevention and mitigation plan will help people explore their options. a new federal loan fund calmed
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restoring ownership opportunity today or root set aside $1.2 million for the program. >> it's heartwarming to be here in my own district to see how this money is going to be used. and it's going to be used to really make sure that we can help stabilize families by allowing them to stay in their homes and keep communities in tact. >> and the plan, community workers will go door to door to contact the 3500 oakland residents with foreclosure issues. hosing agencies will then work with home owners to find a solution. advocates for the well being of children in california issued a report card today. today's report by children now out of oakland put santa collar a county in the top third of 15 categories. the annual card tracks 28 indicators for the well being of kids in the state's 58 counties. a teacher at northwood elementary says a student's success is often impacted by what happens at home. >> if you're coming to school
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and your parents are in jail, that's hard. so we work towards trying to get them to accept and do better for themselves. >> the group says that the results offer a visual representationation of issues including those based on race and location. to see the full report, look for a link at under web links. the bay area's two baseball teams are playing a must-win game three's today. yesterday a's fans gathered to rally ahead of tonight's game. stomper and some former a's greats like berth came out for the rally at city hall. the a's are playing in game three tonight at the coliseum against the detroit tigers. the a's trail in the best of five division championship series, two games to none. brett anderson will pitch for the a's.
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and it's also do or die this afternoon for the san francisco general motors. they'll be taking on the reds in cincinnati in two hours try front a sweep during a crucial game there. they trail two game zero. vogelsong will be on the mound hoping to turn things around. another pleasant day shaping up around the bay area. with the first rainfall of the season remaining well offshore for the most part. at least thus far giving you a live look from the city, you can see a light wind blowing. the general motors as well as the a's flag, we are rooting for the home team, will have your a's forecast in a moment. northeasterly breeze over s pho, fairfield reported a north wind at six, calm conditions in san jose, we recall breeze in oakland about seven miles per hour. a variable wind around the bay area. 60s outside the door, 6 in
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livermore, 65 santa rosa, these numbers a few degrees within what we were 24 hours ago. some of the slightly cooler, some of us warmer, and you can see just a few specks of moisture over storm tracker two. let me show you the satellite and radar and we'll get a better picture. right off the west coast, there it is churning right here, but you can see for yourself as the rain begins to move closer to shore, it kind of frizzles out, dries out, reported a few scattered showers this morning, but for the most part, most of us are dealing with partly cloudy skies. mixed out marine layer. we've got temperatures slightly cooler. overall, mild weather and for most, feeling good. this system is going to continue to the south and then eventually southeast. so we are going to continue with just this possibility of maybe a few scattered showers in the forecast today as well as tomorrow. the system will be sliding closer to monterrey by this evening then continue at serial track eventually moving over southern california by thursday.
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for the afternoon today, partly cloudy skies, leave in just a very slight chance for a few sprinkles especially along the coastline. 72 this afternoon. 66 in south. 70 in oakland, 72 danville, into the south bay, 72 for san jose. nice day for sunnyvale. going to the coliseum to watch the a's play today, partly cloudy at game time, 66 degrees, we recall breeze 12 miles per hour. sunsets before 6:45 this evening. have to leave the rain icon just in case, but it really is a slim chance at this point. thursday into friday, temperatures warm, very southerly, then into the weekend, bigger bump, upper 70s, low 80s in the forecast. nearing 70 degrees for the coastline. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. uf berkeley graduate today was named one of two recipients
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of this year's noble prize -- nobel prize in physics. he is originally from sacramento and received a bachelor of science from uc berkeley. he's now a physicist at the university of colorado in boulder. both judges credit them for inventing ground-breaking methods to observe the properties of quantum parols while preserving their quantum properties. ahead closer look at why investors are feeling down on wall street. and what happened late this morning for an amazing jump from the edge of space.
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stocks are down after global economic growth and poor expectations for corporate earnings seasons with kicks off after the closing bell. dow down 98, nasdaq down 45, s&p down 12. high winds today derailed plans for an man to launch a death defying 23-mile free fall in new mexico. former military parachutist baumgartner is on a quest to become the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. he planned to ride a capsule carried bay balloon into the stats fear then jump. but the balloon is so delicate it can only take flight of winds of two miles an hour or less. the 43-year-old now says he
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will try again. today at 5:00, we are following the developments at san francisco's city hall where the board of supervisors is set to decide the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. we'll stay on the scene and bring you the latest tonight at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always on at ktvu mobile and
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